As simple as that

Is always nice to wear a casual and informal outfit, just a pair of sneakers, colorful t-shirt and jeans. Comfortable and simple with a touch of fluor and a mix of textures: denim, neoprene, cotton. Nothing to add, all you need in a sunny day is a bench and a book.

Siempre es agradable usar un atuendo informal, con zapatos tenis, una playera y jeans. Cómodo y simple aderezado con un toque de colores fluor y una mezcla de texturas: mezclilla, neopreno y algodón No hay que añadir mas, todo lo que se necesita en un dia soleado es banca y un buen libro.
neoprene sport jacket: Nike / t-shirt: Roberman / snickers: Brickwall / jeans: Levi's / white belt: Fun and Basics / band hair:Accessorize / purse: In wear


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