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Jewellery clutch

My mother use to embroider a great deal, she learned from her mother, and of course, she always tried to teach me herself and I didn't listen. I don't have to say I really regretted it now. Many years ago she made this sequinned bead embroidered clutch, a real treasure for me (for obvious reasons) but also a true vintage and an incredible piece to enhance any outfit and boost my confidence. Summer is around town and I make hay while the sun shines. So I'm going out for a walk, wearing white, lime green, and my favorite beaded clutch bag, and feel I like a million bucks. Mi madre que era realmente buena bordando, lo aprendió a su vez de su madre, siempre trato de enseñarme y yo nunca accedí. Por supuesto ahora me arrepiento mucho. Hace muchos años, ella bordó y llenó de cuentas y de lentejuelas este clutch que es para mi un verdadero tesoro. Una pieza única y original que levanta cualquier atuendo al instante y que por supuesto yo adoro.
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