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Warm shades, last snow

Although the spring is officially here, the city still shades with brown and grey and the cold wind is everywhere. The warmth comes mostly from the people around us and of course from our favourite clothes.  This outfit is a combination of new and old items: the brown cloche hat -a gift from the mother of a friend who carefully keep it for decades- a vintage red wool jersey; a knitted and fur cardigan in brown -from my favourite second hand spot- and my loved one red coat -which I looked for through dozens of shops until I found it- my old mountain boots and woollen mittens -purchased at a street market in Bath UK- Cozy colours for the change of season and the last snows.
La primavera llego oficialmente, pero solo en el calendario. El resto de la ciudad se ve todavía gris y marrón y el viento frio nos acompaña a donde vamos. La calidez viene entonces de quien nos rodea y por supuesto de nuestra ropa.  Este modelito es una combinación de prendas nuevas y viejas: desde el sombrero …

Sneaking out

When the winter starts to say goodbye, It left behind the quiet darkness, wool socks, lazy afternoons and a mess in our closet. The next April seems to be not too far and optimism in mixed with gravel and dirty streets, the last winter clothes and clean air trough the recently opened windows. 
Despite a little rain and still mud in the walksides, is very nice to take long walk for the first time in weeks, and sneak out the shy sun or the ice patches on the grass. An maybe later, have a sit in a coffee just looking through the window a few impatient people walking around wearing only a light jacket or a sweater. I am not so brave, but today I am very proud of my self because I dared to go out with naked fingertips!
Cuando el invierno comienza a despedirse, deja detrás armarios atiborrados, noches largas, pereza, calcetines, y todo aquello que la nieve escondió durante meses. El entusiasmo por el siguiente abril, se confunde con las calles sucias, las ramas secas y un aire limpio qu…

Jaquard and sky in grey

We were surprised for the (lets hope) last snow this year. This happen always in march: cold, lots of dirty snow, the streets covered in mud during the day and ice during the night. Also a few sunny days that make us believe the worst is over and an occasional night snow fall bringing us to reality. 
I dare to take a look in the clothes I just bought during the sales and I put them away immediately and with impatience. I go out to the baranda with a cup of the, to enjoy the white landscape and I smile thinking in other latitudes where spring is already in. Nos sorprende la que esperamos sea la ultima nevada del año. Así se pasa marzo, entre escarcha, nieve sucia y calles llenas de lodo que se convierte de nuevo en hielo durante la noche. Con unos pocos días soleados que nos hacen creer que lo peor ya pasó y una nevada nocturna que nos devuelve a la realidad.  Me animo a sacar del closet lo que he comprado en las rebajas y después lo vuelvo a guardar con impaciencia. Salgo al balcón a c…