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Old hat, new snow

Among all my hats, this black and red fedora is one of my favourites. I bought it years ago in a thrift shop, on a flea market specialized in vintage clothing and accessories. I liked it very much but I couldn't decide at that moment and also found it a bit expensive, but I kept thinking on the hat for the next couple of weeks and I came back and tried to negotiate the price which is customary in these shops. The third time I was not quite sure yet but then old movie actress famous for eccentric arrived to the shop and made me wonder for a moment if the hat was not too much. So I decided to leave in a hurry, but of course, after buying the fedora.

 De todos los sombreros que tengo, esta fedora negra con rojo es de mis favoritos. Lo compré hace años en una tienda de accesorios y ropa vintage de un mercado de antiguedades. Recuerdo que me gusto muchísimo pero en el momento no me decidí y además me pareció un poco caro. Y luego estuve pensando en el sombrero toda la semana asi que r…