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Medieval walls

Every city has its own landmarks, some of them famous or historically relevant, but there are also hidden treasures and quiet beautiful corners. Often -and surprisingly- the inhabitants are not always aware of their own urban landscape and heritage, so its a good idea to take time of an visit or re-discover this sites. Summer is the prefect time for this purpose, museums and attractions are open, there is sun and blue sky, and ice cream vendors in every corner. So this weekend I decided to learn something new and became a tourist in my own city. I took a long walk around the medieval fortresses, listening to the histories and paying attention to big walls and the little details I never saw before.
And I definitely will do this more often!

Cada ciudad tiene sus lugares importantes o simbólicos, algunos de ellos por su papel histórico o que son simplemente famosos y tiene también rincones secretos y tesoros ocultos que la hacen única y bella. Ocurre -frecuentemente- que los propios hab…