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Grandmother coat

The coat belonged first to the grandmother of my best childhood friend, acquired by the way at the iconic Galeries Lafayette. Then my mother used it for over 20 years, sometimes directly on top of her pyjamas and and now I wear it during the Nordic winter.
Warm, perfect, heavy and with an unique texture, It transported me to another time and I feel a bit like the grandmother of my best childhood friend when she walked wearing the same coat, with her husband through the streets of Paris.
El abrigo perteneció primero a la abuela de mi mejor amigo de la infancia, adquirido por cierto en los icónicos almacenes Galeries Lafayette. Después lo usó mi madre durante mas de 20 años, algunas veces directamente encima de la pijama y y ahora me lo pongo yo en el invierno nórdico. Calentito, perfecto, pesado y con una textura única, me hace sentir transportada a otra época y me siento un poco como la abuela de mi mejor amigo de la infancia cuando caminaba con el mismo abrigo, del brazo de su espo…

a Teapot in my head

The Liza Yu Chen Hat Shop ( 116 MacDougal Street, NYC ) is a paradise for a hat lover like me. Almost every object in this little shop is handmade by the owner including hats, ski caps and other accessories like scarves, using all kinds of materials. I was trying on knitted hats (which are the majority) while Liza tried to tell either my fortune and wonderful stories about hats and diverse customers. When I found this teapot-shaped hat, I literally couldn't get it out of my head (even though we were in May). When I asked her about the price, she replied that all the pieces in her store were unique, woven by herself and my “teapot” was special because its hand-carved buttons which made it also a bit more expensive, so I could not protest. Then she smiled asked me to write my postal address on her visit book and she promised to send a Christmas postcard, which she did for the next eight years . La pequeña tienda de sombrer…

Waiting in the back of the closet

I decided if the coat that I liked was still in the store after my return from summer holiday, I would have to buy it. After I tried it on five different occasions and have left it in the shop because “I really don't need it”, I acquired it for 350 kr on a vintage clothing shop that is now a tattoo saloon. I call it my black and white military coat, and was my favorite for almost a year. I waited more than six months to wear it, and the pictures were taken were after an appointment at the Embassy of Greece, a building that was much colder than the park.

Decidí que si el abrigo estaba todavía colgado ahí, al regreso de mis vacaciones de verano, sería una señal de que tendría que comprarlo. Así que después de probármelo casi en cinco ocasiones distintas y no habérmelo llevado porque “en realidad no lo necesitaba”, finalmente lo adquirí por 350 kr en una tienda de ropa de segunda mano que ahora es una salón de tatuajes.
Esperé mas de seis meses para ponérmelo, y las fotos fueron tomad…

List number one

The flea markets.
Walking without having where to go.
The change of seasons.
The smell of a stored paper and of nail varnish.
The black and white films in spanish.
The bed, my bed.
The shops during the sales.
The cocktail glasses, especially the filled ones.
Removing the cellophane from a new item.
Watching TV crime series while eating salted almonds.
The fishnet stockings and the hats.
My birthday.

Lista numero uno

Los mercados de segunda mano.
Caminar sin tener a donde ir.
El cambio de estaciones.
El olor del papel almacenado y el del barniz de uñas.
Las películas en blanco y negro y en español.
La cama, mi cama.
La temporada de rebajas.
Las copas de cocktail, llenas.
Quitar el papel celofán de un objeto nuevo.
Mirar series de crimen en TV. comiendo almendras saladas.
Las medias caladas y los sombreros.
Cumplir años.

Αριθμός καταλόγου ένα

Οι υπαίθριες αγορές.
Περπάτημα χωρίς προορισμό.
Η αλλαγή των εποχών.
Η μυρωδιά του. αποθηκευμένου χαρτιού και του βερνικιού νυχιών.
Οι ασπρόμαυρες ταινίες στα ισπανικά.
Το κρεβάτι, κρεβατάκι μου.
Τα καταστήματα κατά τη διάρκεια των πωλήσεων.
Το ποτήρια των κοκτέιλ, ειδικά τα γεμάτα.
Αφαίρεση του περιτυλίγματος σελοφάν από πράγματα.
Βλέποντας σειρές εγκλημάτων τρώγοντας αλατισμένα αμύγδαλα.
Το δικτυωτό καλσόν και τα καπέλα.
Τα γενέθλιά μου.

Liste nummer én

Gå uten å ha hvor du skal dra.
Endring av årstider.
Lukten av papir lagres og neglelakk.
Den svarte og hvite filmer i spansk.
Sengen, min seng.
Butikkene med salg.
Cocktail glasser, fylt.
Fjerne cellofan fra et nytt objekt.
Ser på TV krimserien og spise. saltede mandler.
De fishnet strømper og hatter.
Bursdagen min.