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Certainly will rain

Here, up to the north, spring is hard to define: it can be short, it can be long, it can be winter-like, or it can be summer-like, but you can sure of one thing: It will rain a lot. Windy days, rain and showers are quite common during spring, and actually all over the year. I am not complaining, rain can be lovely, summer is just behind the door, for now a trench-coat is enough and after all I love hats. In a rainy day I rather wear a hat than an umbrella: more practical and always stylish. I am not complaining, the city is getting clean with the rain, ready for metotake a walk down-town. Por aquí en el norte, la primavera es difícil de definir: puede ser corta o puede ser larga, puede parecerse al verano, al invierno (o todo lo contrario) pero de una cosa estamos seguros: Va a llover y mucho. Viento, días nublados y aguaceros son bastante comunes durante la primavera. De hecho bastante comunes todo el año. No es que me queje, la lluvia tiene su encanto, el verano esta detrás de la esq…