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Fur for spring

Still a bit chilly especially after dawn, but occasional sunny afternoons will make it up for you. Any way, is Friday already and that is good enough. I bought this fur jacket  in a colourful and nice flea-market by downtown Mexico City,  where it is customary to negotiate the good's prices, not exactly my speciality. However  my friend  and companion got  me a great price and every time I wear this jacket I remember  him and smile. Because I miss him but also because the jacket is beautiful, so soft and warm.
Aunque todavía hace algo de frío, sobre todo al caer el sol, las ocasionales tardes soleadas lo compensan. Y hoy es viernes, asi que en realidad nadie esta pensando en el clima.
Esta chaqueta de pelo la compré en un mercadillo del centro de la Ciudad de México donde se acostumbra negociar el precio de las mercancías, para lo cual por cierto siempre he sido bastante mala. Sin embargo, el amigo que me acompañaba la consiguió a un precio buenísimo y cuando la uso me acuerdo de el…

I am so not ditching my skinnies

Yes I know, they are not trendy any more and not every It girl is wearing them (like they used to) but I a have no intention to remove my skinny jeans from the closet. In my defence I'll say, I live in a place where is either raining or snowing most of the year, so this kind of trousers are very practical and allow me to wear boots which is also a requirement in the Nordic climate. But despite the logic, I am keeping mines just because I love them, and this always should be enough reason. The fashion and tendencies are out there to give us ideas and inspire us but we have to find our own style (nobody will argue that).
So I am going out to enjoy the sprig sun wearing skinnie jeans, my favourite Thailandese cross body bag, an (also last season) knitted oversized vest and of course boots. Yes I am not cool but I am not sorry at all.
Si, lo sé, ya no son tendencia ni están a la ultima ni los ve uno en todas las revistas o los escaparates, pero yo no tengo ninguna intención de deshacerm…