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Officially tights season

Of course we miss summer but I have others reasons to smile, for example it’s officially tights season (Is been for a while actually) and I own all kind of such.Patterned and fishnet tights are like a red lipstick, a bit rebellious a bit sexy but still acceptable and always eye catching. I have a weakness for patterned tights but I must confesses there are an acquired taste.
I make use of them to add texture and accent any look, but I rather keep them the star of the show. Like this total black outfit, now stand-out with tribal patterned tights and a fuchsia maxi clutch, from plain to interesting and a truly guilty pleasure. Claro que extrañamos el verano, pero hay muchas razones para estar contentos y un ejemplo pequeño es que ya es temporada de medias (de hecho desde hace varias semanas) y yo tengo muchas en el cajón. Las medias de red y las medias con texturas son el equivalente a un lápiz de labios rojo intenso: un poquito sexy, un poquito rebelde pero todavía aceptable y lo mas …

Walking next to tramp steamers.

Merchant ports and old ships, docks or cargo marines have a unique kind of beauty with nothing to prove. I love walking around the enormous boats just looking and think on all the places they been, the life on board, the sea and the travels they made.
I been a few days in this coast city which not a long time ago was an important port by the Adriatic sea, an my favourite place are the old docks and the coffee shops by the harbour. I don't know why always felt a great attraction to steamers and old fishing boats, specially after reading all the seven Alvaro Mutis Maqroll's novels. So, I was really happy when I found this old steamer called Amazon, and I had to take a few pictures next to it. Nice way to spent the last moments of my holidays before is officially autumn. Puertos mercantes, barcos oxidados, marinas y buques de carga tiene para mi una belleza especial, un lenguaje único. Me gusta mucho caminar en muelles o astilleros rodeada de barcos enormes solamente mirando sus …