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Indoor fun

Here, the spring is not exactly time for short sleeves or beachwear, but at least we can put away the snow boots and the heavy coats, and maybe wear an open back dress. So although this weekend was raining a bit (that's why the pictures are indoor) I manage to get a couple of shoots to celebrate the first pair of heels I am able to wear this year. I used to call the red one, my “good luck dress” and I can remember indeed, some night out with lots of fun. The black-and-white one, was a birthday present few years ago but to this day is still one of my favourites. And that's it, I am just enjoying the de-icing of the streets, the enlargement of daylight, and of course preparing the new season outfits.
Aquí, la primavera no es exactamente época para camisetas de tirantes o bañadores, pero al menos podemos guardar las botas de nieve, los guantes y los abrigos y con un poco de suerte ponernos algo sin mangas. Asi que aunque este fin de semana estuvo lloviendo (y por eso las fotos so…

Another hat for another season

This three-colour cap (black-white-gray) is very suitable for spring when suede cannot be ruined by snow but you still need some wind and mildly protection. 

The so call newsboy cap has a very similar style to the flat cap, but it is sewn together not from the back but from the top of the hat.  It may also be referred to as a baker boy hat, an eight panel, gatsby cap bandit cap, apple cap, eight piece cap, eight panel, cabbie, fisherman's cap, pageboy, apple-jack hat, Lundberg Stetson, Dr.Chiz hat, and the poor boy cap.  Somewhere between Oliver Twist or The great Gatsby, I like this old fashioned touch blending with purple, grey, lilac and black.

Esta gorra de tres colores (negro-gris-blanco) es de lo mas adecuada para la primavera, cuando la nieve ya no es un riesgo para la gamuza pero todavía necesitamos algo de protección contra el clima templado el viento frio. Este tipo de boina es muy parecido a la gorra plana, solo que las piezas estan unidas en la parte superior y no por …