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Feeling comfortable is a serious matter

A couple of decades ago fashion industry used to be a serious issue. From magazine's pictures to catwalks everything had an intimidating and unattainable air. The internet democracy with social networks spontaneity and a blogger behind every tree have change this upside-down and now basically everybody behind a computer can express an opinion (like me and millions of others average girls) This have also an impact within the high levels of the industry where they had to turn to the people getting a more accessible image a bit closer to the real stuff. Playful graphics and designs, models with silly faces, no make-up celebrities #selfies and of course the so call affordable fashion are some examples of this attempt. 
And at the end of the day everybody is allow to mix, disagree, be creative, have a point of view and get crazy. We see funny T-shirts, bizarre and colourful prints and all kind of weird stuff, like this cartoon laplander hat.  So, all this aside, I decided to wear som…

Old fashion date night

I use to love to wear costumes when I was a little girl and of course that has not disappear at all. I found this burgundy hat in a second hand charity shop and was love at the first sight. I decided to use it for a formal night out, with an also vintage lace dress, my old and heavy Astrakhan coat, pearls, and long gloves of course.  I had fun, cocktails, lovely companion and my costume made me felt a bit in one of my favourite black and white movies. Not exactly “La dolce Vita”, but “All about Eve” neither.

Cuando era niña me encantaba disfrazarme y por supuesto esa afición no la he perdido con los años.Encontré este sombrerito en una de las tiendas de segunda mano que visito a menudo y fue amor a primera vista. Decidí estrenarlo en una noche especial, con un (también vintage) vestido negro de encaje, mi viejo y pesado abrigo de astrakhan, perlas y guantes largos por supuesto
No se si fué la compañía, los cócteles o el disfraz, pero me lo pasé de lo mas divertida sintiéndome en alguna …