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Pretty much everywhere

In an average European city there is a so-called “affordable fashion” shop in every corner, and of course you see their clothes repeated everywhere. Is well known that their low prices are are actually very high, in terms of child labor and other similar commercial practices. And maybe that's why I learned to appreciate thrift shops, vintage, second hand or recycled clothes, which also tend to be conspicuous and a bit original in a city where everybody wears the H&M “uniform”.
Although not the case with this outfit, where I just tried to match “affordable” items and a touch of color. This time I'm trying to blend in, because the upcoming spring is conspicuous enough.
En las ciudades europeas hay en cada esquina una tienda de la llamada “moda accesible” (H&M, Forever 21, Zara y tantas otras…) Y como consecuencia de ello, todo mundo termina vistiéndose igual. Aunque ya sabemos que la ropa en estas tiendas no resulta en absoluto barata en términos de sustentabilidad…