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A touch of red

I love the tweed fabric, so classy, warm and versatile. This dress is so wearable during the wintertime, and although can seem boring I like to combine it with colourful and fun complements like this red wool coat and a cashmere bucket hat. Perfect for this weather a bit unpredictable, with a bit of snow and a touch of sunlight.

"There is something about the winter's sun,
 That aspires hope after struggle
 The wait for tomorrow after
 long cold shivering nights;
 is the optimism attached
 to the winter's sun"
                                                   A. Naushad

Siempre ma ha gustado  el tweed, elegante, cálido y versátil. Este vestido es perfecto para el invierno, y aunque a primera vista puede parecer algo aburrido, luce diferente si se combina con complementos de color y divertidos, como este abrigo de lana roja y un sombrero cashmere negro. Perfecto para este momento  del inverno, siempre  impredecible, con un poco de nieve y un toque sol.

Wool tweed dress: …