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Colors of the ocean with a silver sun

This outfit's colors reminds me a day by the ocean; deep blue tones with a white splash and the sand warm and beige. I didn't have this on mind when I was putting it together but probably was influenced by the subtle happiness of this late summer holidays. I don't want to think yet in the autumn and the heavy rain right now I know is falling down, up in the north where I live, I am just enjoying the bright sunny south and holding on this little guilty pleasure. 

And I smile when I realized I actually picked the perfect pendant for this outfit: an Ethiopian handcraft picturing an smiling sun made of silver.

Con esta combinación no puedo evitar pensar en el mar y sus colores, azules intensos, espuma y arena. Aunque cuando la escogí no lo hice intencionalmente, seguramente influyo en mi la imagen de un día de playa.
O tal vez fué la sutil felicidad de estas vacaciones de verano mas bien tardías. No quiero pensar en el otoño, ni en que en la ciudad al norte donde vivo en la …

See-through & breath

Flimsy and low density knitsare playful and nice to the touch materials, widely used in women clothing. There is a extensive list, chiffon, georgette and gauze, avariety of colours and prints; always revealing a little and hiding a little. Although they been present in fashion for centuries, see-through clothing became very fashionable in the latter 1960's and again during the 80's tanks to punk and pop celebrities; but in the late 1990's the trend died down. And again since 2006, see-through fabrics (include gossamer, silk, rayon or nylon) have been featured heavily on high-fashion runway. Nevertheless am not a big fan, I like the layering effect of some translucent pieces or to wear them in the right dosage and of course with the proper underneath. Like this strappy top perfect for a summer walk. Green wedges, animal print clutch and a large camel foulard just in case. Tejidos transparentes, ligeros y agradables al tacto, usados en toda clase de prendas especialmente fe…