Laced Up

Another Sunday walking down-town, visiting the oldcity, having a glass of wine on any terrace.
Should we be worried about this heat?  Probably yes, but today I feel a bit selfish and I'mjust glad I can wear my laced-up strap sandals, get a couple of books in my old shoulder knitted bag and enjoy another perfect afternoon by the river and a long and sunny day. 
And I'm in a such good mood, all I can think is Happy Summer!


The cloud

I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers, From the seas and the streams; I bear light shade for the leaves when laid In their noonday dreams. From my wings are shaken the dews that waken The sweet buds every one

When rocked to rest on their mother's breast, As she dances about the sun. I wield the flail of the lashing hail, And whiten the green plains under, And then again I dissolve it in rain, And laugh as I pass in thunder.

I sift the snow on the mountains below, And their great pines groan aghast; And all the night 'tis my pillow white, While I sleep in the arms of the blast. 

Sublime on the towers of my skiey bowers, Lightning my pilot sits; 

In a cavern under is fettered the thunder, It struggles and howls at fits; Over earth and ocean, with gentle motion, This pilot is guiding me, Lured by the love of the genii that move In the depths of the purple sea; 

Over the rills, and the crags, and the hills, Over the lakes and the plains, Wherever he dream, under mountain or …

Jewellery clutch

My mother use to embroider a great deal, she learned from her mother, and of course, she always tried to teach me herself and I didn't listen. I don't have to say I really regretted it now. Many years ago she made this sequinned bead embroidered clutch, a real treasure for me (for obvious reasons) but also a true vintage and an incredible piece to enhance any outfit and boost my confidence. Summer is around town and I make hay while the sun shines. So I'm going out for a walk, wearing white, lime green, and my favorite beaded clutch bag, and feel I like a million bucks. Mi madre que era realmente buena bordando, lo aprendió a su vez de su madre, siempre trato de enseñarme y yo nunca accedí. Por supuesto ahora me arrepiento mucho. Hace muchos años, ella bordó y llenó de cuentas y de lentejuelas este clutch que es para mi un verdadero tesoro. Una pieza única y original que levanta cualquier atuendo al instante y que por supuesto yo adoro.
Dicen que ha llegado el verano y aunque …

Fresh start

A skirt suit is always flattering, and a red-one will definitely make a statement, a fresh take on office style. This one with an A-line short skirt and a boxy zippered blazer is really versatile and will fit every occasion. I wore it to take a walk and celebrate the first of few sunny days in a row and finally showing some skin. And this cranberry color really cheered me up. The handcrafted necklace is made of leather stripes, marine shells and a very special gemstone: fossil coral flowers. I am really fond of this kind of handmade, fun, artisan jewelry that express the personality and the character of the creator (I found this one on a market street in central Athens) A statement piece, perfect for starting the Summer. Un traje de falda y saco a cualquiera le sienta bien y si es de color rojo seguro que dejara impresión. Este con minifalda corte A y chaqueta recta con cierre metálico, es de lo mas versátil y adaptable.  Ha venido muy bien para dar un paseo ahora que el clima permite…

Leonardo's bicycle

Spring and rain, always together. I hide from the breeze under a bright yellow bomber jacket, and finally get to wear a t-shirt (plus a denim shirt, of course) and bootleg trousers. Not sunny everyday, but longer days are coming and I can afford to ride a bike, have a pic-nic or just to take a walk in orange snickers.  I read that seeing yellow can cheer people up, so here I come!
Primavera y lluvia, siempre van de la mano. Me escondo del viento bajo una cazadora amarillo brillante y por fin puedo usar camisetas con estampados (debajo de una camisa de mezclilla por supuesto) y pantalones anchos. No hay sol todo el tiempo pero los días son mas largos y eso es suficiente. Ya va siendo hora de engrasar y limpiar la bicicleta, de organizar un pic-nic o de salir a caminar usando solo un par de deportivas.
Primavera y lluvia, siempre van de la mano. Me escondo del viento bajo una cazadora amarillo brillante y por fin puedo usar camisetas con estampados (debajo de una camisa de mezclilla por su…

Still boots

In this northern climate, boots are a necesity used almost the entire the year,  that's why is good idea (and a great excuse) to own a variety, preferably with thick soles.

Although I love the suede-ones, it is not easy to wear, because not always waterproof. Although during the spring (if is not raining) I get to wear this pastel pink boots. Perfect to protect from cold wind still blows everyday .
 En el clima nórdico, las botas se usan la mitad del año, así que viene bien tener de distintos tipo (de preferencia con suela gruesa) Aunque a mi me encantan las de gamuza, no es fácil usarlas porque no siempre son impermeables, así que en primavera y si no esta lloviendo puedo ponerme por ejemplo estas botas rosa pastel que tanto me gustan y que protegen del viento frío que hace todavía.

Wool grey minikirt: Mango / Denim and knitted jacket: Bershka / Pink suede boots: Capa de Ozono / Gray tights: H&M / Aquamarine cardigan: Gap / multicolour bennie: Handmade mexican knittwool

Pretty much everywhere

In an average European city there is a so-called “affordable fashion” shop in every corner, and of course you see their clothes repeated everywhere. Is well known that their low prices are are actually very high, in terms of child labor and other similar commercial practices. And maybe that's why I learned to appreciate thrift shops, vintage, second hand or recycled clothes, which also tend to be conspicuous and a bit original in a city where everybody wears the H&M “uniform”.
Although not the case with this outfit, where I just tried to match “affordable” items and a touch of color. This time I'm trying to blend in, because the upcoming spring is conspicuous enough.
En las ciudades europeas hay en cada esquina una tienda de la llamada “moda accesible” (H&M, Forever 21, Zara y tantas otras…) Y como consecuencia de ello, todo mundo termina vistiéndose igual. Aunque ya sabemos que la ropa en estas tiendas no resulta en absoluto barata en términos de sustentabilidad…