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Neutral zone

These days, the beginning of the spring, still chilly but no more snowfalls, ice or whiting out, the neutral zone between snow and green trees.

And neutral climate ideal for classic colours; camel coats are a must-have in this transitional weather, totally timeless, seriously versatile, in short a wardrobe essential. Over any outfit, and almost any occasion, a classic camel coat like this one, found in a vintage shop just on time for this time of the year where the trees are already springing up in the parks.
Estos días, el principio de la primavera, todavía con frio pero al menos sin nevadas, hielo en las calles, ni ventiscas blancas, la zona neutra en entre la nieve y el verde de los arboles. Y para un clima neutro, un color clásico.
Sobre cualquier atuendo y para cualquier ocasión, un abrigo beige como este, que encontré en una tienda de ropa vintage, justo a tiempo para este momento del año donde los arboles están impacientes por comenzar a reverdecer.
Vintage camel coat: AYR / Br…

About melting snow, leg warmer and mittens

Just a couple of weeks ago I was complaining about the snow and within ten days has almost disappeared! A reminder of a basic physics law: the water will melt no matter what if the temperature stays above zero (the water cycle, indeed!). So it is time to stay optimisticwatchingthe parade of people coming out hibernation mood, time to enjoying sunny morningsand the brand new season. Still chilly of course, but we can now easily step outin tothe naturedue to the longest days. I love walking crushing melting ice and listening the music of running water! And today I was able to ditch the heavy coats but had to keep mittens and leg warmers, just in case. This crazytime of the year where wearing bright colours, and sunglasses is enough to make anybody smile, right?