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Old hat, new snow

Among all my hats, this black and red fedora is one of my favourites. I bought it years ago in a thrift shop, on a flea market specialized in vintage clothing and accessories. I liked it very much but I couldn't decide at that moment and also found it a bit expensive, but I kept thinking on the hat for the next couple of weeks and I came back and tried to negotiate the price which is customary in these shops. The third time I was not quite sure yet but then old movie actress famous for eccentric arrived to the shop and made me wonder for a moment if the hat was not too much. So I decided to leave in a hurry, but of course, after buying the fedora.

 De todos los sombreros que tengo, esta fedora negra con rojo es de mis favoritos. Lo compré hace años en una tienda de accesorios y ropa vintage de un mercado de antiguedades. Recuerdo que me gusto muchísimo pero en el momento no me decidí y además me pareció un poco caro. Y luego estuve pensando en el sombrero toda la semana asi que r…

No rules about it

Yes darker days are coming, but I refuse to stick to dark colours too! Everyone is wearing black, grey and blue but I'm am trying to fight the winter mood and the cold days brighten them up with colourful clothes. Tradition is really difficult to break with, but more and more people is adding a colourful touch to their winter wardrobe. And also new materials will kept you warm regardless your garment colour choice, right? I love this raspberry-toned wool blend coat, here combined with neutral grey and white. The bright colours give you that nice feeling right away and also help you make a statement. After all, there's no rule that says you have to wear dark colours just because it's cold outside. Welcome winter, and welcome bright tones, lucid, intense and brilliant!
En efecto, la oscuridad y el frio se acercan, pero yo me rehúso a vestirme solamente con tonos opacos. Todo mundo se cubre de negro y de gris mientras yo trato de hacer el clima mas llevadero usando colores bril…

Officially tights season

Of course we miss summer but I have others reasons to smile, for example it’s officially tights season (Is been for a while actually) and I own all kind of such.Patterned and fishnet tights are like a red lipstick, a bit rebellious a bit sexy but still acceptable and always eye catching. I have a weakness for patterned tights but I must confesses there are an acquired taste.
I make use of them to add texture and accent any look, but I rather keep them the star of the show. Like this total black outfit, now stand-out with tribal patterned tights and a fuchsia maxi clutch, from plain to interesting and a truly guilty pleasure. Claro que extrañamos el verano, pero hay muchas razones para estar contentos y un ejemplo pequeño es que ya es temporada de medias (de hecho desde hace varias semanas) y yo tengo muchas en el cajón. Las medias de red y las medias con texturas son el equivalente a un lápiz de labios rojo intenso: un poquito sexy, un poquito rebelde pero todavía aceptable y lo mas …

Walking next to tramp steamers.

Merchant ports and old ships, docks or cargo marines have a unique kind of beauty with nothing to prove. I love walking around the enormous boats just looking and think on all the places they been, the life on board, the sea and the travels they made.
I been a few days in this coast city which not a long time ago was an important port by the Adriatic sea, an my favourite place are the old docks and the coffee shops by the harbour. I don't know why always felt a great attraction to steamers and old fishing boats, specially after reading all the seven Alvaro Mutis Maqroll's novels. So, I was really happy when I found this old steamer called Amazon, and I had to take a few pictures next to it. Nice way to spent the last moments of my holidays before is officially autumn. Puertos mercantes, barcos oxidados, marinas y buques de carga tiene para mi una belleza especial, un lenguaje único. Me gusta mucho caminar en muelles o astilleros rodeada de barcos enormes solamente mirando sus …

Colors of the ocean with a silver sun

This outfit's colors reminds me a day by the ocean; deep blue tones with a white splash and the sand warm and beige. I didn't have this on mind when I was putting it together but probably was influenced by the subtle happiness of this late summer holidays. I don't want to think yet in the autumn and the heavy rain right now I know is falling down, up in the north where I live, I am just enjoying the bright sunny south and holding on this little guilty pleasure. 

And I smile when I realized I actually picked the perfect pendant for this outfit: an Ethiopian handcraft picturing an smiling sun made of silver.

Con esta combinación no puedo evitar pensar en el mar y sus colores, azules intensos, espuma y arena. Aunque cuando la escogí no lo hice intencionalmente, seguramente influyo en mi la imagen de un día de playa.
O tal vez fué la sutil felicidad de estas vacaciones de verano mas bien tardías. No quiero pensar en el otoño, ni en que en la ciudad al norte donde vivo en la …

See-through & breath

Flimsy and low density knitsare playful and nice to the touch materials, widely used in women clothing. There is a extensive list, chiffon, georgette and gauze, avariety of colours and prints; always revealing a little and hiding a little. Although they been present in fashion for centuries, see-through clothing became very fashionable in the latter 1960's and again during the 80's tanks to punk and pop celebrities; but in the late 1990's the trend died down. And again since 2006, see-through fabrics (include gossamer, silk, rayon or nylon) have been featured heavily on high-fashion runway. Nevertheless am not a big fan, I like the layering effect of some translucent pieces or to wear them in the right dosage and of course with the proper underneath. Like this strappy top perfect for a summer walk. Green wedges, animal print clutch and a large camel foulard just in case. Tejidos transparentes, ligeros y agradables al tacto, usados en toda clase de prendas especialmente fe…

Medieval walls

Every city has its own landmarks, some of them famous or historically relevant, but there are also hidden treasures and quiet beautiful corners. Often -and surprisingly- the inhabitants are not always aware of their own urban landscape and heritage, so its a good idea to take time of an visit or re-discover this sites. Summer is the prefect time for this purpose, museums and attractions are open, there is sun and blue sky, and ice cream vendors in every corner. So this weekend I decided to learn something new and became a tourist in my own city. I took a long walk around the medieval fortresses, listening to the histories and paying attention to big walls and the little details I never saw before.
And I definitely will do this more often!

Cada ciudad tiene sus lugares importantes o simbólicos, algunos de ellos por su papel histórico o que son simplemente famosos y tiene también rincones secretos y tesoros ocultos que la hacen única y bella. Ocurre -frecuentemente- que los propios hab…