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No rules about it

Yes darker days are coming, but I refuse to stick to dark colours too! Everyone is wearing black, grey and blue but I'm am trying to fight the winter mood and the cold days brighten them up with colourful clothes. Tradition is really difficult to break with, but more and more people is adding a colourful touch to their winter wardrobe. And also new materials will kept you warm regardless your garment colour choice, right? I love this raspberry-toned wool blend coat, here combined with neutral grey and white. The bright colours give you that nice feeling right away and also help you make a statement. After all, there's no rule that says you have to wear dark colours just because it's cold outside. Welcome winter, and welcome bright tones, lucid, intense and brilliant!
En efecto, la oscuridad y el frio se acercan, pero yo me rehúso a vestirme solamente con tonos opacos. Todo mundo se cubre de negro y de gris mientras yo trato de hacer el clima mas llevadero usando colores bril…