Just a windy sunny Sunday

A light exists in spring
Not present on the year
At any other period...

Emily Dickinson

The sunlight is here, and it feels so powerful. 
Perfect time for hats and I've always had a weakness for fedoras. I stole my grandfather's gray hat when I was a teenager and I still have it and wear it sometimes. This green fedora does not have much story to tell but still I like it a lot. I think details like colorful gloves or a hat, can really make a difference in a plain outfit.  De entre los muchos tipos de sombreros que me encantan, siempre he tenido debilidad por las fedoras, empecé usando de adolescente el sombrero de fieltro gris de mi abuelo que todavía conservo y me pongo algunas veces. Esta fedora verde encambio no tiene mucha historia que contar, pero igual me encanta. Creo que detalles como unos guantes coloridos o un sombrero, son capaces de hacer la diferencia en atuendo simple. Y la explosion de luz de la primavera casi obliga a ello...
B&W Pea coat: Boysens / black jeans: H…

Sky in grey

We were surprised for the (lets hope) last snow this year. Nordic spring, still cold, dirty snow, streets covered in mud during the day and ice during the night. Also a few sunny days that make us believe the worst is over when a small night snow fall, bringing us back to march
I go out to the baranda with a cup of the, to enjoy the white landscape and I smile thinking in other latitudes where spring is already in.

Dumped wet and momentary on a dull ground
that’s been clear but clearly sleeping, for days. Last snow melts as it falls, piles up slush, runs in first light making a music in the streets we wish we could keep. Last snow. That’s what we’ll think for weeks to come.
Stubborn calendar of bone. Last snow. Now it must always be so.
H.E.Erdrich Nos sorprende la que esperamos sea la ultima nevada del año. Así es marzo, entre escarcha, nieve sucia y calles llenas de lodo que se convierte de nuevo en hielo durante la noche. Con unos pocos días soleados que nos hacen creer que lo peor y…

A touch of red

I love the tweed fabric, so classy, warm and versatile. This dress is so wearable during the wintertime, and although can seem boring I like to combine it with colourful and fun complements like this red wool coat and a cashmere bucket hat. Perfect for this weather a bit unpredictable, with a bit of snow and a touch of sunlight.

"There is something about the winter's sun,
 That aspires hope after struggle
 The wait for tomorrow after
 long cold shivering nights;
 is the optimism attached
 to the winter's sun"
                                                   A. Naushad

Siempre ma ha gustado  el tweed, elegante, cálido y versátil. Este vestido es perfecto para el invierno, y aunque a primera vista puede parecer algo aburrido, luce diferente si se combina con complementos de color y divertidos, como este abrigo de lana roja y un sombrero cashmere negro. Perfecto para este momento  del inverno, siempre  impredecible, con un poco de nieve y un toque sol.

Wool tweed dress: …

City collage

Thanks to winter fashion, I still get excited about the upcoming cold weather. Even the Scandinavian winter, which is really long and with extreme low temperatures But for now, we are still above that point, and still can go out for a long walk in the city, looking at the shop windows displays, while search for a cozy little place where to get a cup of warm chocolate For a winter walk, you just need a statement coat. It holds the power to enhance a whole look, even if the outfit beneath it is just plain. This is one of my favorites; warm, collorful, original and I really needs no more. I love the militarycut, theneck details, collage look of, black brocade fabric and the jewelry buttons. Mom was right when she told you to wear a coat. No puedo negarlo, me encanta la ropa abrigada, asi que soy todavía capaz de entusiasmarme por el invierno, aunque sea eterno y oscuro. Pero aún no llegamos a ese punto y todavía se pueden dar largos paseos por la ciudad mirando vitrinas o solo buscando …

Golden and red leaves

Temperatures are considerably lower but autumn colors are most glorious in Nordic October. Some rainfall, chilly breeze, but also about 3 hours of sunshine every day.  At night, you are likely to see frost needles in trees blown there by the breath of fog creating a momentary world of cold magic.
The weather may not be appealing to most, but see-sights are amazing and the city nevertheless remains festive. Comfortable shoes for long walks, sales season, chocolate pecan scones, music festivals, beautiful nature, warmth garments, gloves and scarves. I’m not missing summer, but there still time...
La temperatura ha caido considerablemente, pero los colores otoñales estan espectaculares en este octubre nórdico. Algo de lluvia y viento frío, pero tambien brilla el sol tres horas aún cada día. Por las noches, agujas de hielo presagiando el invierno que vendrá, se forman en las ramas y brillan entre la niebla que disipa el día.

Este clima podrá no gustarle a algunos pero las vistas son hermos…

Weather at odds

With this changing weather going up and down within minutes, odd mixing are a clever choice. Although I love texture and warm of fur clothing, the guilt prevents me to get the real deal. This ecological fur jacket is also from the last year sales, and the rest is just a simple summer sport outfit. Almost autumn, layering and mixing and getting comfortable.

Con estos altibajos en el clima que cambia radicalmente en minutos, este tipo de mezclas resultan una opción muy practica. Aunque me encanta la textura y el abrigo de las prendas de pelo, la culpa no me permite comprarme una de verdad. Esta chamarra de pelo sintético es también de las rebajas del año pasado y lo demás solo es un sencillo atuendo deportivo. Casi otoño, mezclando capas y poniendome cómoda.
Ecological fur jacket: H&M / sport crop top: C&A / runner sneakers: Northland / purse: Donna Dona / jeans: Kappahl / white belt: Rings-things

Laced Up

Another Sunday walking down-town, visiting the oldcity, having a glass of wine on any terrace.
Should we be worried about this heat?  Probably yes, but today I feel a bit selfish and I'mjust glad I can wear my laced-up strap sandals, get a couple of books in my old shoulder knitted bag and enjoy another perfect afternoon by the river and a long and sunny day. 
And I'm in a such good mood, all I can think is Happy Summer!


The cloud

I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers, From the seas and the streams; I bear light shade for the leaves when laid In their noonday dreams. From my wings are shaken the dews that waken The sweet buds every one

When rocked to rest on their mother's breast, As she dances about the sun. I wield the flail of the lashing hail, And whiten the green plains under, And then again I dissolve it in rain, And laugh as I pass in thunder.

I sift the snow on the mountains below, And their great pines groan aghast; And all the night 'tis my pillow white, While I sleep in the arms of the blast. 

Sublime on the towers of my skiey bowers, Lightning my pilot sits; 

In a cavern under is fettered the thunder, It struggles and howls at fits; Over earth and ocean, with gentle motion, This pilot is guiding me, Lured by the love of the genii that move In the depths of the purple sea; 

Over the rills, and the crags, and the hills, Over the lakes and the plains, Wherever he dream, under mountain or …