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Got the light

The fluorescent colour objects reflect more light than they received, including there a small dosage of UV light, normally invisible to the naked eye. This mean that are capable of transform invisible light in visible one, so there are a little bit magic, if we think about.
So, the fluorescent colors clothes really emit light, causing the immediate effect of turning off the head. Although a while ago their use in winter items was restricted to sports clothes and ski accessories, now (and I love it!) you can see it everywhere. Like in this outfit, a single fluorescent item pulls out of boringness and enlighten a frozen afternoon. Los objetos de colores fluorescentes, emiten mas luz de la que reciben incluyendo en ello, una dosis de luz ultravioleta, que en condiciones normales es invisible para el ojo humano. Es decir, son capaces de convertir luz invisible en otra visible así que si lo pensamos un poco, hay algo de magia en ello. Las prendas en colores fluorescentes en verdad emiten …

Building the winter

The turquoise and brown colours combination has become popular, specially for interior design, hand-crafting, DIY, and other decorative arts. The proliferation of different textiles and fabrics made with floral or geometrical patterns, mixing baroque and curved lines, psychedelic or repetitive motifs using both colours has in demand. This pallet is also widely used to accessorize and ornament weddings and other formal events.  This winter outfit, incorporates the harmony of this colour combination in to sport and comfortable clothes at neutral colors, and the turquoise handmade scarf made it great for this nordic cold days within the occasional and always welcome sunshine. 

 La combinación de colores turquesa y café se ha popularizado mucho en el diseño de interiores, la decoración y las manualidades. Han proliferado telas estampadas con motivos desde florales hasta psicodélicos que entrelazan lineas barrocas y finas o formas geométricas de ambas tonalidades. La dupla de colores…